Eggs Benedict on potato pancakes

First up, breakfast.IMAG1024[1]

Here goes, thought I would start with my first meal of the day today. Eggs benedict is pretty much at the top of my breakfast list, although no position in any list is undisputed as you will see. Eggs benedict has been a long time favourite for me and has been the mainstay breakfast for Christmas and birthdays for at least the last three years. There is something totally perfect about the combination of a tart hollandaise sauce combined with a poached egg yolk. The hollandaise has to be home made, nothing out of jar compares, and I often put a lot of reduced white wine vinegar and a squeeze of lemon juice in mine to the extent that on its own it can be quite potent. I also like to experiment with different herbs such as dill added at the end or using different aromatics when reducing the white wine vinegar along with the peppercorns such as coriander or cumin seeds (couldn’t really taste the difference with this to be honest but it made me feel like I was being experimental). The eggs of course have to be poached properly in water and not in one of those shitty poaching pans. I always have smoked salmon with mine over ham because that just seems right to me, but I will not judge if others want ham I just wont make it for them. The one area that has always been under review in this breakfast of champions is the starchy basis of the dish. I used to always opt for a toasted English muffin despite its lack of size often resulting in me not having enough bread to mop up my sauce, this is because I have issues in breaking with tradition. Over the years I have also flirted with different types of toasted breads i.e. sourdough, soda, and many varieties of traditional breads which have been acceptable. I even went through a phase of using croissants which was also very pleasant. This morning I went for something different and think that I stumbled upon a wonderful new accompaniment. Potato pancakes.

I have become a bit of a pancake fan, as you can tell from my main image. I IMAG1025[1]think they are great and I have become very fond of the big fluffy American style ones. I had the idea of using potato pancakes in an eggs benedict recipe a few weeks ago and thought that it would work perfectly, and to be honest it did. They are really easy to make using some leftover mash (or just make a small amount in the morning, no one ever has leftover mash lying about) and then adding this to a normal pancake recipe. I was going to try and make perfectly round ones for this but decided that I couldn’t really be bothered and that I also didn’t have the means of doing so without them being huge. So here are some pictures of my eggs benedict on potato pancakes with a home made hollandaise (no herbs) that I made this morning. If enough people are interested and comment on this then I will be happy to give you the recipe, I also used duck eggs for this as well just because I thought it would be nice which it was.


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