Turkey curry with leeks, chickpeas and spinach

I enjoy makingIMAG1031 curry, I enjoy eating curry, clearly those two facts are linked. I have a couple variations that I tend to make and the one that I am writing about today is my current default when cooking with poultry or fish. I have no idea whether this is a specific type of curry or where the recipe comes from as it not something I have picked up from a book although is probably influenced by Nigel Slater’s fragrant chicken curry from his “Real Cooking” book (which is fantastic – both the book and the curry). Recently I have been experimenting with using leeks instead of onions, which was also influenced by finding a load of reduced leeks in the supermarket, and using coconut milk in place of yoghurt which is what I have done here. The list of ingredients is pretty long, probably unnecessarily so, but that always tends to be the way with curries I find. Here is what has gone into this curry apart from those things listed in the title; cumin seeds, coriander seeds, mustard seeds, cardamon seeds (from inside the pods), garlic, ginger, crushed dried chilli, ground fenugreek, paprika, salt, cayenne pepper, ground cumin, ground coriander, ground tumeric fresh coriander, tomato puree, chopped tomatoes, and, coconut milk.

 IMAG1030The process is pretty straight forward and you can probably guess if you know your way round a kitchen. Basically I toast off IMAG1033all the seeds and then grind in a pestle and mortar with some oil and add the crushed chilli and salt. This gets added to the chopped turkey (I am using turkey as it is cheap and cheerful and I made this the day before pay day) along with sliced ginger, garlic and a squeeze of lemon juice. You could leave this to marinate for a while if you wanted, I didn’t. Heat some oil in a large pan (I use a large casserole pan) and chuck the meat in. While the meat is browning chop your leeks and then add them to the pan and cook till you feel that the leeks are softening. At this point you add your ground spices and cook off a bit to get the smells going and then add the tomoto puree and fry that off for a bit before adding your chopped tomatoes and coconut milk. The result of all this should be a pretty vibrant pinky/red/orange coloured curry.

IMAG1038 IMAG1039

You can leave this to cook for a while, don’t let it bubble too much. Then at a later stage add in your chickpeas, cooked spinach and I like to add in the stalks of the coriander during the cooking as they have a lot of flavour. I serve mine with brown basmati rice (something I said I would never eat in a previous life as a 20 something) and ideally some paratha breads, I did not have any in the freezer so had to go without (if I was a proper cook I would have made some, but I’m not). Come the end of the cooking you should have something that looks a bit like the pictures. Yes I do serve my rice in a little mound, which is a rare bit of presentation that I do allow, as I think it looks better than a load of curry served on top of some rice and lets you choose how much of the sauce mixes in with the rice.

IMAG1042 I will be eating this most of the week as I tend to cook one massive amount of food on a Monday/Tuesday that lasts me though to Thursday. I realise that this has nearly been a recipe, which is not what I had intended to do at the start but there you go. I made this with turkey breast but this recipe lends itself well to prawns and white fish (obviously you will have to adjust the cooking for each of these) and also diced pork or chicken thighs work well.

Hope you’ve enjoyed having a read and please feel free to comment should you feel the desire to do so.

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