Beef Cannelloni


My girlfriend and I do our weekly shop every Friday night when she finishes work at 8, that is just the crazy sort of guys we are. This often results in me having to decide what I want to eat for the following week during that trip, you would think that I plan this beforehand but this is not the case. On the particular Friday that I purchased the ingredients for this meal I may have consumed slightly too many glasses of red wine prior to the shopping trip and so by the following Monday I was not entirely sure what I had been intending to make, but on closer inspection it was probably a lasagne. As it so happens I wanted to make something else and having never made cannelloni before I decided that I would make this instead. I would like to point out at this stage I was not aware that cannelloni pasta tubes existed, I had always assumed that you just rolled up lasagne sheets and so this is what I did – the lasagne sheets that I had purchased were fresh and not dried, that would have been quite difficult.

IMAG1006When I make a lasagne I tend to add a few additional elements such as a layer of courgette and add spinach to the white sauce. I decided to bring this cavalier attitude into my cannelloni and thought it would be a good idea to layer the pasta sheets with courgette ribbons. I also thought that it would be interesting to have buffalo mozzarella inside the cannelloni as well, so this what I did. The meat sauce/ragu that I made to put inside was pretty standard and contained pancetta, mushrooms and beef mince along with the tomatoes and herbs, nothing particularly ground breaking there.

Putting all of this together and rolling it up was pretty messy work and it was not pretty. Despite the difficulties I got it all together and had four very large filled pasta tubes inside an oven proof dish. I was not concerned about how it looked at this stage as I knew that I was going to cover the lot with a cheesy sauce and then more cheese, awesome. So over this I poured a bechamel sauce that was made with garlic and a lot of mozzarella cheese. Once this has been poured over the top I then added more grated mozzarella, buffalo mozzarella, basil leave and lots of pepper. This went into the oven until the cheese was properly melted and turning a nice brown/black colour in places.

IMAG1007 IMAG1008

I was pretty pleased with how it came out as it looked pretty damn tasty, I mean with all that melted cheese who could possibly resist. I decided that I would serve myself with two of the four cannelloni which was a mistake, they were immensely filling, and served them up with some more courgette ribbons and spinach. It wasn’t pretty, it wasn’t refined, but it was delicious and I looked forward to coming home for the next few days just to eat it again. Despite being immensely cheesy I could still taste all the other elements and it was such a comforting and satisfying plate of food I would not hesitate to stuff my face with it again.

IMAG1009 IMAG1010

So far I have been adding some dishes I have made over the past few weeks on here, I’ve clearly not made all of these over the last few days. I am hopefully going to get a few reviews and things on here in the coming weeks so please watch this space for my thoughts on other people’s food, I will also be gradually adding to the “favourite things” section from time to time so please take a look.



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  1. Ha ha ha i love it when you know something ain’t right but it tastes great. Making cannelloni from fresh lasagne sheets is priceless. Good work!


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