Simple and tasty breakfast – Chorizo, mushrooms, and poached egg on toast.

You may have noticed by now that I am big on breakfast. I would not go as far to say that it is my favourite meal of the day but when I get the opportunity to spend time making and eating breakfast I rarely let that opportunity pass, unfortunately this tends to only be once a week due work in the week and cycling at weekends getting in the way. This is another of my top breakfast treats and uses one of my favourite ingredients in the world, chorizo.


Chorizo is a wonderful thing, the combination of pork, hot pepper, paprika and garlic is an absolute winner every time and added to many simple ingredients it really brings them to life. I’ve been eating it more and more for breakfast especially if it is a morning after the night before sort of breakfast that is required if you get what I mean (obviously I know all mornings are after the night before, what I am trying to say without being too blunt is that it is good when you might have drank too much the night before). For this recipe I used the cured type of chorizo that can be purchased in any decent supermarket. I prefer to cook with cured chorizo as the flavour tends to be more intense than fresh which is absolutely key here as it influences the whole dish and adds some oomph to the mushrooms, which in this case were bog standard closed cup from the local shop and so pretty bland. Get the chorizo in the pan first before adding the mushrooms so that they soak up the oil which will have been infused with the spices in the sausage and turn a satisfying orange colour. Once cooked pour the mushrooms and chorizo with the oil from the pan over some proper buttered toast, I have a favourite local bakery that make fantastic bread that I will write about in the future, and top with a poached egg and plenty of black pepper and a bit of chopped parsley if you have it (I didn’t). The result is a breakfast that hits all the right spots and perks up your taste buds for the rest of the day, try it you will not be disappointed.



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  1. I love this for breakfast too but as for the chorizo i add it to chillis as well. If you havent added chorizo to chilli then the next time you make on chop it up and throw it in as it gives a delicious smokey flavour to the dish.

    Great stuff

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