Griddled Moroccan(ish) lamb with herb and feta cous cous and roasted veg

So it is the hottest day in the UK this year and I am sat writing you people another post, that is how dedicated to this blog I am. As we are finally moving into the summer here in sunny Sussex I thought I would share with you a dish I made on Monday after spending the day strolling round Worthing, what a glorious day that was! Despite the record shop I wanted to go to being closed, as were the two ale houses I had planned to visit, I still enjoyed exploring my new home town and getting a bit sun burnt outside a couple local pubs. I strolled home in the early evening sunshine and felt ready to cook myself some food to match the weather, which I promptly did.

I had roughly planned what I was going to make that morning but not in complete detail, I knew there would be roasted veg, cous cous and lamb involved but in what form I wasn’t totally sure. I got home and decided IMAG1079to make a sort of Moroccan style marinade for the lamb rump steaks which consisted of cinnamon, cumin, all spice, cloves, paprika and garlic. All of this was mixed with some oil and salt and then the lamb was added and left for about an hour or so while I got on with some other bits and pieces. I then got on with the roasted veg for which I chopped some courgette, peppers, and onions and tossed with a whole bulb of garlic, salt and oil before placing in a hot oven. I had thought when I started that this would lead to me just adding the roasted veg to some cous cous but, as it turns out, I had other plans. The roasted veg should only take about 45 minutes or so to cook depending on what heat you put them on and just how roasted you want them to be.


For cous cous I decided to keep it pretty simple but fresh as the rest of the dish could be a little heavy in flavour and need something to contrast that. Therefore I decided to cook the cous cous (not sure it counts as cooking, just add hot stock and cover) before adding some harissa paste. Once that was done I added a big pile of chopped mint and coriander and also a load of feta cheese. Mix all that in and then season to taste and also add some lemon juice if you fancy it. All of that can be done whilst you are cooking the lamb for which I decided to use a griddle. This way of cooking is great, even if it does create a lot of smoke. Make sure that your griddle is really really hot and then chuck on the lamb steaks and give them no more than a couple of minutes on each side, I like my meat pink, if you don’t then cook it for longer it just wont taste as good. What I did was to add some harissa paste to the cooked side of the lamb once I turned it over on the griddle as I thought that it would be nice, it added something but wasn’t essential to the dish.


My execution of this dish could have been a little better to be honest and it was a little bit greasy if I am being massively critical but it overall it was a pleasant and tasty dish. I had the same thing the following day with the lamb having continued to marinade overnight and still enjoyed it. This would be a perfect BBQ dish for those of you planning ahead for the weekend so give it a bash.


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