Cherry pancakes with mascarpone

I often make blueberry pancakes for my breakfast at the weekend as a treat, pancakes are a regular treat as I am sure those of you who have read this blog before are aware of. This morning I decided to mix it up a bit whilst remaining with the fruit theme, and made cherry pancakes using the remaining frozen cherries I had from the brownies I made in the week. I was a little concerned that the cherries would not defrost and cook in the time that it takes the pancake to cook, having often used frozen blueberries successfully, but decided that there was only one way to find out and went for it. I used my standard pancake mixture and also put in some ground almonds as an after thought, again as an homage to the brownies I made. 36x5YqYo8qyv_LAkutmFHTFXdqOMIyf74aPfwPIXtxc=w372-h657-no

Cooking the pancakes was a fairly standard affair, although the size of the cherries was a slight issue in that their weight meant they went through the batter and stuck a little to the frying pan. They also were not so imbedded into the batter when it came time to flip the pancake over and one or two escaped their position at this stage. Both of these issues were overcome with little fuss apart from a small split in the first pancake which I had to live with.

In order to decorate and add to the dish I went for some cherry jam we had in the fridge and some mascarpone cheese. Neither of these would normally make their way onto my breakfast pancake but I was clearly feeling adventurous this morning. I spread the jam atop the first pancake before placing the second on top so that I had a sort of pancake jam sandwich. I then drizzled some sweet freedom (check my favourite things list if you are not aware of this) over the top, before adding a spoonful of mascarpone. At this point I then quickly threw the remaining cherries into the pancake pan with a little water in order to defrost them before adding these to the plate in an attempt to make it look attractive. The overall effect was pretty satisfying, if a little sweet for first thing in GS6xa10Ktsv9MKa4y2eKhVsVMwz13iQ5sLiDO8k-hog=w1162-h657-nothe morning. The cherries were pretty tasty with the mascarpone and a nice change, I think this would probably have made a good dessert, but I think I still prefer the blueberries for breakfast. The pancakes themselves were good if a little overpowered by the sweetness of some of the other ingredients, the ground almonds were not noticeable but I didn’t add a huge amount. Thing is you never know these _QcZEqtJQeIBpRwCOW79_dTExol7zmnoKAYxaeCRj3Q=w372-h657-nothings until you try them and it is always good to experiment. I’ve got a few other ideas that I may share with you in future posts whenever that adventurous mood takes me.


Hope you are enjoying your weekend and cooking lots of tasty things and watching Le Tour!

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