Lemon and blueberry buttermilk pancakes with a lemon, thyme and mascarpone cream

Yep another pancake post, I told you that there would be a lot of these. I’ve made buttermilk pancakes a couple of times before and they have come out a little flat but still tasted great. I thought I would try to lift them a little with blueberries Lxiichriqm0VOn9uE6Q7ocCCq9rNQ6QZnArW0TxIvhQ=w372-h657-noand grated lemon zest in with the batter and a much thicker than normal. The thicker batter would mean that they held their shape better during cooking and so I would end up with a thicker pancake (no shit). I really like what the buttermilk adds as the end result is less like a cake and resembles a batter with that fantastic eggy consistency. The thyme was a bit of a last minute addition having purchased one of those pots of herbs that you get in supermarkets in order to watch them slowly die at home. This one was going for just 24p and so it was already on its way out when I bought it, although it is still hanging on as I write this four days later.

McDXxr0cbZAkBRzF11i7SHuv8fHPZ9LiZDn6ZXcp11k=w372-h657-noSo the process is pretty much as before but instead of using milk use the buttermilk and perhaps a little milk if necessary. I then grated some lemon zest into the batter, I also went a little lighter on the sugar. Fry each pancake for a minute or so on each side adding the blueberries to the uncooked side when you first add the batter to the pan. For the cream combine mascarpone, lemon juice, thyme leaves and a little maple syrup to sweeten it up. Keep tasting to get it how you want it. The end product should be a lovely light brown colour and when you cut through with your fork the outside edges should nearly stick to each other when they meet. Garnish with a little extra thyme if you want a flourish of presentation and drizzle over some maple syrup. A really tasty, filling and quite pretty breakfast that looks like more effort has gone into it than actually has.

v2REafGWBs2idB9N6oBQzNkQ_X9ShCgo2rQ4Sba9MFE=w1162-h657-noTreat that someone special in your life, even if that is you.



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