Having fun with sausage meat

And no that was not an innuendo.

So I often see all these crazy creations on Instagram that seem to be all the rage at the moment. I am talking about burgers with donuts instead of buns or with lots of high fat and incredibly unhealthy but amazingly tasty looking additions. When I see these a part of me thinks that it is a little bit ridiculous, another part of me thinks “damn I want some of that”. This weekend that second part of me won out and it also decided that sausage meat was the way forward. Everyone loves sausages that is a fact. So to add sausage meat into dishes was only going to improve them in my mind. It turns out I was right and my taste buds and stomach are currently thanking that part of my mind. So in order to get into the spirit of things I came up with two creations to try out which I will talk about below.

GymGWHs5uemyU-rR9MyGAqnvJVO8cjKr6FEimFL8YDo=w1162-h657-noFirst up I wanted to join in with the burger fun. This was a bit of an improvised meal as I had not completely decided what I was going to eat on Saturday evening. It was a pretty simple plan really, make a burger with Stilton in it but add in a sausage meat patty as well. So there is not much for me to give you in terms of technique and methods so just enjoy the pictures and trust me when I tell you that it was bloody good. I am a massive fan of blue cheese and will always have this in a burger when it is available and it went surprisingly well with the sausage flavours. Enough talk here are some pictures:

OX9XstD7dhSoTXVieA1Ok25XpPG6bLJ2eMi4GnsSIdw=w1162-h657-no GD1rg9ntRqBX0z0eKsejrlrvHT9uhrB1cTH0pufTmrg=w1162-h657-not0LkuIwgzMiartUKDCXvEQO0BqS-cRPDZPoZEHj9EAU=w1162-h657-noΒ  n1EhxfjVA9BSINbSnRK1wYpsKfGO7lRQ5Ii8fL7oEio=w1162-h657-no 6MlMokS9hDmqXIVf4ZLjkGQOEhmppwaNWZpXZIk-3os=w372-h657-no IT6pq6WPKbfb5HIuo3ZGHd6NAIkBUSeuy-MbN9DuIA4=w372-h657-no

Next up was the idea that started off the whole sausage meat theme. I thought that it might be nice if I made some sausage, egg and cheese sandwiches but instead of using bread or muffins I use pancakes. An inspired thought I am sure you will agree. It also signals the long-awaited return of pancakes to this blog and my breakfast. As with the burger the cooking itself was nothing special. The only thing I did was to season the meat and add in some chopped rosemary and thyme so it seemed less trashy than it was. I then ruined this by deciding that there had to be plastic burger cheese in this rather than real cheese. Plastic cheese is one of my guilty food pleasures and I am not afraid to admit it. No barbecue or sausage in a bun is complete without it and do not let anyone tell you otherwise. For the pancakes I used a mix of white and wholemeal flour and a little less sugar than usual. I cooked them in my new blini pan as well so that they would be the right size to handle.

SoyEJG6cwGOT8uFrXqR_0zuTPChooxbVaudkqkO2Zok=w1162-h657-no TxomfaM5biWNps_iI3GxmDDzNXaasl7GRLDEqrTDe80=w1162-h657-no

I suppose these could compared to the breakfast served by a popular fast food chain headed by a clown. But they were a lot better. I was really pleased with the result as they were ridiculously tasty and really hit the spot. They were a little difficult to handle so I did end up eating the second one with a knife and fork but as a concept I could not fault them. I even made a fun little video to post on my Instagram in honour of these and the other food creations that inspired them which you will find below. Add me on Instagram for more of these and other food images.

Finally thanks to everyone who already follows this blog and those that have re-blogged some of my posts. I currently find myself with 99 WordPress followers (no Jay Z reference here I’m afraid) and so just one more would get me to 100 which would be lovely. Obviously more than that would be even better.

Anyways. Hope that you are all having a lovely Sunday and eating some fantastic foods.



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