Seared tuna steaks and salad with a soy, honey, lemon and chilli dressing.

I’ve often considered myself to be quite a traditionalist but I am not sure why. I think it is because I like the idea of tradition and the feeling of maintaining history and culture no matter how insignificant that action may appear. This is why I cooked tuna and salad on a Sunday evening, a nice traditional English Sunday dinner. I often consider myself to be many things I am not.

-ldEusmw8BjlDdaxwBoS0SZpogq45DWLAB0_9L3pvUI=w1088-h657-noThe real reason I cooked this meal on Sunday is because Yolanda decided that she wanted to eat with me. Originally we EYlyyMsZ6UlEBAPg-tylcdtgkKppJxIONY3w2I8MTXc=w372-h657-nohad planned on having mackerel and salad however upon visiting the fish monger Yolanda saw the tuna. We are both big fans of tuna steak and often gaze at the over priced tiny offerings that supermarkets flog before tutting and walking away. Tuna costs a ridiculous amount in UK supermarkets and you do not get much for your money. This is a real shame as many people would probably not consider it for this reason and be put off a fantastic and versatile ingredient. We are lucky enough to live by the sea and have a few excellent local fish mongers that we do not visit enough. As mentioned Yolanda popped into one of these on Saturday and purchased two enormous tuna steaks for a fair price. Each of these was about the size of three supermarket ones and both of them would have cost about the same.

zrIZhek0ScMCBXAy0t1vP-0FgTo83T9qaAWpMgcfOGQ=w1225-h657-noThis was a pretty straight forward and extremely fast meal to make and as such this post will not be that long either. For my PZsEI1baBnN04forYDnAurRjAmrkpaRmvcZ2XPoIKUc=w518-h657-nosalad it was a pretty basic affair of baby leaves, cucumber, tomatoes, radish and charred courgette ribbons. I mixed all of this in a bowl and with a little squeeze of lemon juice. I then made the dressing which consisted of soy sauce, toasted sesame oil, sweet freedom (runny honey basically), three birds eye chillies, three cloves of garlic and lemon juice. I would have added some ginger to this but I had forgotten to buy it. Combine all the ingredients and taste to get the balance that you prefer. You could also add things like chopped coriander, fish sauce and five spice powder to this if you wanted. To cook the tuna I spread a little of the dressing on it before adding to the hot griddle pan. I like my tuna pretty much raw with a very light sear to it. I would suggest cooking yours the same so not more that a couple of minutes on each side but it is totally up to you. Be careful when turning so that you do not break the fish up if any has stuck to the pan. You could also cook this on a barbecue and it would be awesome.

5yiT7V8Ua5HyFsVLcc9foP67PFqv4JKJIVfuqBi4Kro=w1034-h657-noTo serve plate up your tuna steaks and pile up the salad alongside before drizzling over the dressing. This is a really fantastic and fresh tasting dish with the tuna the undisputed star of the show. Having this with a salad means that it is also incredibly healthy but you could serve with rice or any number of accompaniments should you wish. The dressing was hot, sweet, sharp and salty all at once and so gave the whole dish an asian feel which goes really well with tuna in my opinion. You could also marinade the tuna in the dressing before cooking which would also work really well. Best of all this entire meal probably took no more than 20 minutes to make which is a bloody good return for the time invested in it.

So there you have it, short and sweet (and hot, sharp, salty etc) but to the point. I just wish that supermarkets stopped over charging for fish as it really puts off a lot of people from eating healthily. If all the fresh meat, fruit and veg cost less and the pizza, chips and frozen meals cost more we would not have such a health crisis in this country and people could afford to eat well.

Thanks for reading.



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  1. Yes, the price of fish in supermarkets is ridiculous, tuna especially. Much better to get your fish from a fishmonger, assuming there is one within a sensible distance.

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    1. Luckily for us the are a few wholesalers along the coast and also along Worthing seafront you can buy direct from the fishermen which I am yet to do will be this week


      1. Direct from the fishermen sounds great. I need to eat more fish, but N won’t eat it, because she says it makes her sick, but it is all in her head, really.


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