Half and half blueberry muffins

IMAG0084Up until February of this year I had a ginger cat called Monty. He was a fairly weird cat and had many strange habits and traits; Monty was also very large as domestic cats go and a determined soul. Once, when I accidentally locked him out in the snow, he smashed through a single pane window in our conservatory in order to get back into the house. The reason I mention him is, just like me, he really had a thing for blueberry muffins. Whenever I was eating one he would show up and start meowing at me and clawing at my arms; to little or no avail I might add. Despite not being given any of the actual muffin; he would always go through the bin to seek out the muffin case. Once found he would remove said item and proceed to push it all around the house whilst trying to lick it. As I said he was a strange cat; he was pretty awesome though.


Blueberry muffins are very much a favourite of mine and I will nearly always choose them over chocolate alternatives; this is not something that I can often say. A couple of times in the past I have tried to make wholemeal blueberry muffins but they have come out a little too heavy. Not allowing myself to be discouraged I pushed on in my task and then the idea came to me; half and half muffins. As you can probably guess this means half standard plain flour and half wholemeal flour. This is something I often do with pancakes as again the full wholemeal can be a little too heavy. As I am not much of a natural baker I sought out a muffin recipe to vaguely follow and discovered this gem from Mr Paul Hollywood. He claims they are the best blueberry muffins ever, hard to resist really. As ever I did not follow this exactly and I needed more mixture for my muffin mix so added 50% more of everything. I also put blueberries into the mix as well as studding some into the top; why would you not do this? The only other thing I added was some grated lemon zest because blueberries and lemon were just meant to be together as far as I am concerned.

IMAG1642As you can see the recipe is pretty straight forward. I chilled mine for just over an hour and am not sure how leaving them overnight would make them much better; I could be totally misguided in that thought. Something that is not mentioned in this recipe that I have come across in others is to mix the dry and wet ingredients together for as little time as necessary. Perhaps it is not as important in this recipe but if you over mix the wet and dry ingredients the end product will resemble a sponge cake consistency and not the rough consistency that a muffin has. I would also recommend doubling the amounts in this recipe as I still did not end up with enough to properly half fill my muffin cases; maybe my muffins are much larger than Paul’s.

IMAG1645IMAG1648Despite their small size I was really pleased with how the muffins came out; that sounds a lot ruder than it is. Okay they didn’t have that large muffin top that people are used to seeing. What they did have, was a fantastic consistency and an interesting fresh but slightly savoury flavour. You could definitely taste the wholemeal element within the mix but it came as more of an after thought rather than dominating the whole experience. Fresh from the oven they still had that slightly steamy moistness to them and so I took advantage of this by serving them up with some mascarpone and blueberries as a dessert. I was still eating them four days later and they had barely dried out having been stored in an air tight container. Will certainly be making them again but much bigger as we all know size is everything; especially when they taste great as well.



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