Meatballs the return – and this time they’re baked.

So let us assume that you read my earlier meatball post and, having enjoyed it, made some of your own. You have now eaten this two days running and find yourself with a large number of leftover meatballs and you are not in the mood for pasta. Well I know how you feel as I was there last week. In a flash of inspiration I came up with the following dish as a means of finishing off the remaining meatballs.

IMAG1688IMAG1689The first part of this dish follows pretty much exactly the same lines as the last. Fry off your meatballs and make a tomato sauce. This time I did not use any mushrooms. No particular reason I just didn’t fancy it. Once fried off place your meatballs into an oven proof dish and pour over the tomato sauce. Stage one is thus complete.

Next up make a basic white/bechamel sauce, much like you would use in a lasagne, and add a good amount of mozzarella to the sauce. You are aiming for a really thick cheesy sauce here. Season this to taste and then pour over the top of the meatballs and tomato taking care that they do not combine. You want the cheese sauce to sit in top of the rest. Scatter with some basil leaves, cracked black pepper and if you really want to go for it some buffalo mozzarella. Pop this into a pre-heated oven at about 200C for 20 minutes or until the top has started to go brown.

IMAG1691Once removed from the oven this should be bubbling away nicely and looking a little bit like a lasagne. I could not resist taking a quick film of mine when I took it out of the oven which you can see below. I served mine with some green beans and broccoli as felt some vegetables were required. The dish as a whole really comforting and tasty – as you would imagine with all that cheese and meat. You could easily do this on a larger scale for a family meal and let people help themselves at the table. Some garlic bread would have been good to soak up the sauce with but not essential. To add another dimension a layer of spinach or fried courgette between the tomato and cheese sauce would be good also. Overall though this was a great way to finish off the remaining meatballs and I would certainly do this again. It would probably work just as well with Italian sausages or even chicken if you wanted to mix things up a bit.

IMAG1693 IMAG1694

So there you have it. A little leftovers dish that takes very little effort to make.



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