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I was asked by Anej of Urban Planty whether I would mind posting something about his new company and their kickstarter campaign. Not one to turn someone down who is looking to make their way in the world I agreed and below is some information on their product and company. I will soon be receiving one of their products and so will be giving it a go – it has got to be better than the pots of herbs you get in the supermarket that slowly die over a couple of weeks if you’re lucky.



_MG_5750“Mediterranean food is one of my greatest passions. I enjoy cooking and I use only fresh herbs. I started my love for cooking and gardening at a very young age and I see that my son Tine is following in my footsteps. Some time ago, we were playing in my mom’s garden and I promised I would make him a unique balcony garden, so that we could grow our herbs and spend more time together. Now we wish to share our wonderful idea to the whole wide world!”Anej (founder of Urban Planty)

Who are we? We are a young and aspiring start-up team from Slovenia (EU) and are developing products and accessories for urban gardening united with the brand Urban Planty. What do we do? We have developed a unique jute pot with its own drainage system and water reservoir, called Urban Baggie. We would now like to present it together with a free-standing vertical garden – Urban Planty. At what stage are we? We have just made our fi nal improvements to the Urban Baggie and have also finished the final prototype for the Urban Planty garden. What do we want? We need additional financial resources to make tools for plastic injection that are needed for the Urban Planty garden production.  Our future goal is also to improve and fi nish the development of Big Baggies (with volumes of 5 L and 15 L). How?  Kickstarter, 4th November – 19th December 2015. What is our goal on Kickstarter? Kickstarter will hopefully spread the word about Urban Planty to the international market and help us get resources for the development of our new product and production. We are aiming for 120,000 USD to be able to launch Urban Planty to the market. What do we need? YOU! We need your help, your support and your heart. Before you say NO, we would like to present you our Urban Planty. Take a look at our Kickstarter page.

#3_Kitchen sceneUrban Planty – New gardening trend coming to our homes

Urban gardening is a growing trend that is not going away anytime soon. Many people living in cities would like to have their own garden to grow herbs, flowers or smaller vegetables and fruit. However, they often face obstacles, such as limited space, lack of time, basic knowledge and appropriate appearance of the existing products. The new product Urban Planty will absolutely become “a must have” for our homes. This revolutionary vertical garden is an innovation from a young and aspiring start-up team from Slovenia (EU) and is featured right now on Kickstarter.
The story began some time ago, when they have decided to design a special garden that would not require much space, would look good and be easy to use. From this simple idea an entire project has developed, attractive to many professional and hobby gardeners.
The Urban Planty garden is one of the simplest accessories for urban gardening. The aluminum stand can be adjusted to any height of up to 2.85 m (112.20 inch), offering the possibility to place it almost anywhere. No drilling is needed to affix the stand and thanks to its specific endurance mechanism the garden is resistant to weather conditions, which makes it perfect for indoor or outdoor use. The bottom of the pole can be removed and set to a height of up to 160 cm (62.9 inch), thus you can place your Urban Planty garden on the kitchen windowsills.
Urban Baggie, which is part of Urban Planty, is a special kind of plant pot made of eco-friendly materials. Its main material is jute that holds water for a longer period of time, thus giving more moisture to the soil as if it was regularly watered. The bottom of the Baggie is made of recycled plastic and functions as a water reservoir. It has three basic functions: irrigation, attachment of the Baggie to the stand and holding water. The jute pot offers different watering methods. Firstly, by using automatic plant waterers; secondly, by filling the removable bottom reservoir with water and thirdly, thanks to jute’s natural fibers you can soak the whole Baggie into the water container and put it back on the stand. The Urban Baggie can be used for herbs, flowers and vegetables. Moreover, orchids and a small number of fruits, such as strawberries, grow perfect in the Baggie as well. Urban Baggie is so unique that it was granted a design patent.

But that is not all. The users can design their own Urban Baggies and decorate them any way they wish, which provides them with a unique gardening experience. As mentioned before, the Urban Planty is going to be the big hit of the next season. It is available on Kickstarter, so don’t wait too long to get one of your own and bring nature to your home!

Urban Planty Team

Urban Planty
Tel.:    +386/40-593-523
To view their full brochure click here – Urban Planty Brochure

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