Buy your loved one a Brighton pub for Christmas

Yes you heard me right, you can become the owner of your very own Brighton pub. Well, not all of it but you can become a joint owner of one and also stop Burger King at the same time.

Brighton bottle shop Bison Beer have started a campaign to take over the vacant space in Clarendon Mansions on the historic Brighton seafront. They have started a crownfunding campaign and are looking for people to join them. I for one support this and have pledged what I could afford to help them and I think that you should to.

Here is some info from their Crowdfunding site which can be viewed in full here:


Crowdfunding has now begun for what we hope to be our next big adventure. We need you good people to help us kick Burger King to the curb and keep the lovely Brighton Old Town free from Whoppers and Royale’s with cheese! Please take a look around this site to find out more on our plans for an honest and worthwhile Sussex-centric tap room & restaurant and also keep tabs on progress as things develop!


Our aim is to revive the derelict ground & lower ground floor site at Grade II listed Clarendon Mansions at 80 East Street, Brighton.

– We have started a Crowdfunder campaign in order to raise the funds to carry out Phase 1 of the project – Reviving the Ground Floor pub.

– Crowdfunding means that investors big and small from the local community can contribute to the project, have a stake in the business that will grow as the business does as well as other stakeholder benefits including discounts, events and gifts.

– We want The Bison Arms to be funded, built, staffed, supplied and enjoyed by the people of Brighton & Sussex, helping to make Brighton a city where local business can thrive and build a pub that can give back to the local economy.

There is a real alternative to Burger King. Have it Your Way.

So give the gift that surely everyone wants this Christmas, joint ownership of a Brighton pub and retaining the individuality and beauty of the Brighton seafront.

Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year


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