Wriggle food app review

Choices, choices, choices. Life is so full of choices that making a decision can often be a debilitating experience – especially when food is involved. I have often found myself on the brink of a total breakdown, wandering aimlessly around the streets of Brighton in a haze of desperation, when the combination of hunger and indecision strikes.

Browse deals on your smart phone

Don’t get me wrong, choice is a fantastic thing and I wouldn’t have it any other way, but sometimes we require a little assistance.

When it comes to deciding on where to eat there are generally a few variables that have to be considered. Do you stick with something you know or try somewhere new? What type of food do you fancy? And finally, how much are you willing to spend? Add to this the myriad choices that Brighton now boasts and it can all become a bit much. Thankfully there is a new phone app that can help, and that supports local businesses and helps tackle food waste at the same time.

Wriggle launched in Brighton back in February of this year following successful spells in Bristol and London. The whole app came about as part of a university project that took off and expanded and they have not looked back since then.

Wriggle’s founder Rob Hall explains why Brighton was next on their list.

Burger offer at The Joker.

He said: “Brighton has a lot in common with Bristol as another adventurous, liberal city with a strong independent spirit. We want to promote independent businesses, and keep the city’s character by introducing people to quality local establishments with heart and soul, rather than yet another chain restaurant. I’m really excited.”

Wriggle works by linking up with independent food businesses and providing them with a platform to advertise fantastic food deals to consumers. Anyone with the phone app can then seek out venues close to their location and place an order via their phone. All you then have to do is turn up and show them your order reference and hey presto!

I recently tried the whole process out and I have to say that it really works. I was meeting a friend for some dinner after work and thought I would use that as an opportunity to become a “Wriggler” – their term not mine I might add. I decided to take advantage of the 1kg of mussels and a glass of wine at The Tempest for the discounted price of £9.95 (normal price £17.20). Like many of the deals this one was time limited to between 6pm and 8pm, but you can order in the day and then claim at the allotted time. Other deals are limited to lunch times or there are a limited amount of orders that can be placed.

Despite a slightly confusing moment, when the new staff member behind the bar had no idea what I was talking about as I waved my mobile in his face demanding wine and mussels, it all went as planned. I was presented with my wine and an enormous pot of sweet and juicy mussels that could possibly have been shared between two – luckily for me my friend does not eat shellfish.

Juicy sweet mussels from The Tempest

I was impressed with the quality of the food at The Tempest; the mussels were really large and vibrant with a tasty broth and light crispy chips. The “Crab Claw” menu at The Tempest is fairly new and consists of all the fruits of the sea with the signature dish being their Crab Boil sharing pot which looks pretty impressive. Come the summer I am sure this will be a popular spot with its seafront location and locally sourced seafood.

Wriggle strikes me as a really great way of finding new places to eat and supporting local businesses. The deals are fantastic value and you get a pretty great choice across the city. In addition to The Tempest the guys at Wriggle have already linked up with The Joker, Lucky Beach, Edendum, Café Rust, The Cricketers, The Fiddlers Elbow and even Isaac At make an occasional appearance among others. At the moment there are a lot of lunchtime deals on the app and they intend to expand out to include more evening deals and also food based experiences and events. When it comes to the food anything goes from street food vendors through to fine dining and modern restaurants provided they are locally owned small businesses.

As with many of these sorts of things you can also get free credit for yourself and friends by using a referral code. For each referral you can receive £3 credit to be used against any of the offers featured on the app. Wriggle have recently launched a new website where you can get a feel for how it all works and view the available deals. I for one will certainly be giving this another try, and getting my friends to sign up for some free credit! To find out more, visit: www.getawriggleon.com

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