Food Booze and Reviews Needs You!

So I was having a look through the categories for the Observer Food Monthly Awards 2016 and they have one for best UK Foodie Instagram feed. Now I am completely aware that I have very little chance of winning this, but I think it would be bloody hilarious to even be in for a shout – especially if I can make it to the awards and show Jay Rayner he is not the hairiest food critic out there.

This is a plea to everyone to vote for my Instagram @foodboozeandreviews in this category. It will only take a few minutes to do so and you can also put forward your own favourites for the other categories while you are at it. Please follow this link to the voting page (sometimes you have to refresh to get all the categories) and get behind my campaign #votebooze on your social media channels. If I make it through to the finals (unlikely) and get seats at the awards I will run a competition to take along some of my followers as a thank you. At the very least you get entered into a Guardian competition when you vote so there is something in it for you as well.

Let’s make this absurdity a reality and #votebooze for Best Foodie Instagram 2016.

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