Parma Ham Wrapped Pork Loin with Black Truffle and Olive

I am a big fan of pork tenderloin as a quick and tasty roast. It is a really great cut of meat and one that goes well with other flavours. Due to the lack of fat on the meat it responds well to being wrapped in ham with some sort of stuffing. This will help prevent the meat from drying out and also means you can be creative in pairing it with different things.

This was another dish that I came up with using some of the products sent to me by the lovely people at This time I used a jar of their black truffle and olive pate as I thought that this would combine really well with the pork. That lovely salty and savoury olive taste with the indulgent earthy truffle give you a fantastic dish that looks great and is really simple to make.

To go with mine I went for roast fennel, mash, savoy cabbage and a cider gravy.


  • One pork tenderloin approx. 400g
  • A pack of parma ham – 6 slices
  • A jar of pop up deli black truffle and Italian Olive Pate 80g
  • 3 Echalion shallots
  • Handful of sage
  • 1 bottle of dry cider
  • Savoy cabbage
  • Pancetta


  1. Pre-heat your oven to 200C
  2. On a chopping board arrange your parma ham in a row so that the edges slightly overap. Once this is done spread some of the olive and truffle pate through the middle of the ham.
  3. Place the trimmed and seasoned pork tenderloin on top of the pate before then covering the rest of the meat with the pate. Go easy on the salt when seasoning the meat as the olive is quite salty on its own.
  4. Roll the ham around the pork before placing in a roasting pan with the overlapping edge at the bottom. Season and drizzle over a little olive oil and add the halved shallots and sage leaves to the roasting pan. These will flavour the gravy later.
  5. Place in the oven for around 15 to 20 minutes, ideally you still want the pork to be a little pink in the middle. Whilst this is cooking prepare your accompanying mash and vegetables.
  6. For the cabbage simply shred and add to a pan with some pancetta that you have been cooking off till slightly crisp. Cook for a couple of minutes until you have a nice vibrant colour adding a knob of butter before serving.
  7. Once the meat has been removed from the oven cover with foil and rest. Whilst resting add a teaspoon of flour to the pan and gather up any juices, crushing the shallots to release the flavour. Pour in most of the cider (saving a little for yourself) and stir together to form a gravy.
  8. Strain this into a sauce pan and continue to cook. You can add a little chicken stock here if you feel the gravy is too sweet or maybe some cream for a variation. Season the gravy to taste.
  9. To serve slice the pork into medallions and arrange with mash and cabbage plus any other veg of your choice.

I really enjoyed this dish and the strong flavours from the black olive and truffle pate went really well with the pork and piquant cider gravy. I thought this was a much more interesting way to use something that may usually only be served as an hors d’oeuvre and really made the most of the powerful savoury flavours. This would make a really great celebratory dish as you do not have to spend too much time in the kitchen so can still entertain guests but it looks much more impressive than the amount of work that went into it.

Thanks again to the Pop up Deli for sending me some ingredients to work with. If you had some of this pate what would you make with it? I would really love to hear some of your suggestions.



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