Product Review: Rested Cocktails

Hands up any of you who, like me, have a cocktail shaker and affiliated paraphernalia in your house. Keep them up if, like me, you have always harboured lofty ambitions to make wonderful cocktails but rarely (if ever) actually do so. Despite the occasional flourish my shaker has not seen huge amounts of use and there is a good reason. Making a decent cocktail requires skill, knowledge, lots of different ingredients and patience. When it comes down to it, the most mixing I tend to do at home is between gin and tonic.

Thanks to The Rested Cocktail Company there are now some excellent hand crafted cocktails that you can purchase for home consumption. These are not your standard Bacardi and coke offerings but are actually hand made in small batches and then left to rest in steel containers for at least 30 days. This extended resting period is claimed to transform the drink giving it a much more rounded and mellowed flavour.

Started by two friends with a passion for classic cocktails they created the company after a year of tasting and testing (same thing surely). Now that they have perfected their cocktails you can now purchase them through their website to enjoy at home.

This is what they have to say about them:

We specialise in producing hand crafted, small batch bottled cocktails using the best spirits and ingredients we can source. Once we have created the cocktails they are allowed to rest in steel barrels for 30 days, this extended integration has a profound effect. It allows the individual ingredients to marry over time, resulting in a cocktail that is not just a collection of ingredients, but a drink all of its own. The harsh notes and sharp edges of the alcohol are softened and rounded, resulting a smoother and a more mellow drink.

I was sent two of their bottles to sample and this is the result (well this is the write up anyway, the result of trying them was quite different and difficult to replicate in words).

Three Rum Old Fashioned

As the name suggest “The Old Fashioned” has been around for some time. This is a no fuss classic cocktail that packs a proper punch and doesn’t hide behind lashings of fruit juice or fizzy nonsense. Many believe that it should be made with scotch but this has not always been the case. The Three Rum Old Fashioned from Rested Cocktail is a modern take on this classic drink, made from muddled sugar, bitters and spirit. They recently won a Drinks International Silver Award 2016 for this drink so clearly they were not concerned with the slightly less traditional choice of alcohol.

I gave this a try on a Sunday evening after dinner and it made for a very pleasant digestif. There was a subtle sweetness to it that countered the bitters without overpowering them. The rum kick was certainly noticeable but who wants to drink a cocktail that doesn’t taste of booze? They advise on the label that it can also be enjoyed topped up with soda which I tried earlier in the day and it was a delicious and refreshing drink for a sunny afternoon in the garden. Coming in at 29.47% vol it is certainly a strong drink that should be sipped and have enjoyed over time.

Gin Martini

Anyone who reads my reviews or follows me on Instagram may have noticed the regular appearance of Martini’s in my life. I’ve become a massive fan of this drink, one that I previously spurned as being undrinkable, and will always seek one out when it is available. For their martini offering the Rested Cocktail guys have opted for a very traditional 3 parts gin to 1 part Vermouth with a dash of orange bitters to bring it together.


This one has not won any awards yet, mainly due to the fact it hasn’t been entered in any. I poured myself out one as a pre-dinner aperitif and went for the olive option over the suggested lemon peel twist – I was tempted to go dirty but resisted. On the taste test I found the drink to have a much more rounded and whole mouth feel to it than other martini’s I’d tried. I felt that there was a fairly boozy kick (this one comes in at 28.38% vol) which actually mellowed off. It was a very different feeling martini and one that I enjoyed. It was extremely traditional compared to what people are doing with this cocktail now but that is not a bad thing.

In conclusion

The Rested Cocktail idea is a new one on me and I liked the way that it affected the drink, particularly the martini. The guys have clearly put a lot of work into the product and the packaging looks fantastic with a quality feel about it. I think that these would make an excellent gift for the cocktail lover in your life. With each 200ml bottle coming in at £20 they are not cheap, but you are getting a quality hand crafted product for that. I think that the price range might put off a lot of people, which is understandable, but they are not something that I have seen anywhere else. A great little present and a much better cocktail than anything I’ve concocted at home by a long way.


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