A bit about me…

Welcome to my Blog.

IMAG0716My name is Tom and I am a food lover and writer who lives in Worthing. I started this blog as a means to push my cooking and to develop my writing skills. I pride myself on making good food with basic ingredients that you can find in any normal high street shop or independent butchers, fruit and veg shop, delicatessen or fish monger. Food and drink should be enjoyed and there is a huge amount of joy to be derived from the most simple of places. I like real food made by real people. A good honest portion of properly cooked food is much more appealing than a foam or mist served on some slate.

Since starting the blog I have been writing weekly restaurant reviews for the Brighton and Hove Independent which is a weekly free paper in Brighton. There is a really exciting restaurant scene in the city and being able to write about and promote this is a fantastic experience. The blog has evolved into a bit of a restaurant guide as all of my reviews will appear on here so I hope that it is useful to people looking for somewhere to eat in the city.

If you have any questions then please feel free to contact me. I am more than happy to recommend places to eat in Brighton or just chat food and drink. 

I am always looking to expand my knowledge so it is great to hear from people. 

A little bit about me1453507_10205542315502415_3971386343981111095_n

I originate from Bristol and now live in Worthing. I live with my girlfriend Yolanda and our small cat Veronica. I used to play bass guitar in a doom(ish) metal band called Mea Culpa and music is still massively important to me although I am no longer in a band.


I am not a trained chef and so any hints and tips on techniques, timings and other such things are either from my own experience or learned from TV and books. I got a D in food technology at school and my cooking mentors are my Dad and my mate Ben. Most recipes on here I will have thought of myself and probably been influenced by things I have read and seen. Where I have used a recipe directly I will include the reference in my post. All photos of food will be my own.

I hope you enjoy the blog and please feel free to comment on and share posts.



24 thoughts

  1. Hey! Saw you on Insta gram. Thought I would check out your website. I am impressed! I just started my own website…not ready to share just yet but I also am a lover of food, wine, beer and all things delicious.

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    1. Hi Kim. Thanks for checking out the site and for your kind words. I’ve still got a lot to learn but am enjoying the process. Let me know when you get yours going would be good to take a look. Cheers Tom


  2. Hi Tom, it’s great to read about you – and brilliant that you are writing again. Get creating! Food and blogs! There’s a little genius in all of us – it just needs a little nudge! Thanks for liking my blog too!
    Pat πŸ™‚

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  3. Thanks for the like on my cupcake post πŸ™‚ And anyone who is trained by their dad and their mate Ben gets my vote! I’ll be following, especially if you review beers too. Might help me understand my others half’s passion without me just nodding and smiling!

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  4. That second pic of you…classic!!! You’ve earn yourself a new blog follower!
    If you’re interested in yummi canned fish, check out my blog: fishintin.wordpress.com


  5. Your about me made me smile the whole time. Love the honesty. I believe in good food and fun while making said good food. I too have the same reservation about the market being so saturated with bloggers that do what I do, but I hope that what I put out is appealing to enough out there to keep it going. Thank you for the follow. I super appreciate it. Being from the USA I love to hear about where everyone lives, the kinds of foods in their area etc. though interestingly enough I am noticing we seem to like the same things. My son has said that the ale in Poland is amazing! Hahaha. I look forward to your posts! Best wishes to you and your blog! Take care, Koko πŸ™‚

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    1. Thanks Koko for your kind words, I’m glad that it comes across as honest as this is what I want this blog to be. We get lots of Polish lagers in the UK but not found ales yet will keep an eye out! Hope you enjoy future posts. Cheers Tom

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