My favourite things

I will gradually add to this over time, I wanted to do something clever here but I do not know how so for now it will just be a list of things that I think are pretty shit hot.

  • Mae Ploy Green Curry Paste

20121112-192247This stuff is awesome, I cannot praise it highly enough. Using just this, some coconut milk, some mixed veg and a protein of your choice you can make a fantastic meal in next to no time at all. In the time it will take to cook the rice to accompany it you can make a top quality green curry, and amazingly you can even buy this stuff in ASDA now. This is fast food at home of the highest order, I once made a green curry from scratch as a birthday treat for my girlfriend and she prefers this stuff. Read into that what you will, either way I think that it is an absolute kitchen essential.

  • Meridian Almond Butter512c0un3PDL

Anyone reading this who knows me is going to be very surprised about this entry as up until I discovered this stuff my food hell would have been nuts (yes all nuts and not I am not allergic), to be honest it still would be but we will get onto that. This is not an all time favourite thing for me but is currently a big favourite, so much so we have a 1kg tub of it in the house. By my own admission I hate nuts, I should by all logic hate this as well but instead I love it. It weirdly does not taste that nutty to me and has a deeper almost cocoa richness to it that really appeals to me. I have been having it on toast for my breakfast along with cloudy honey, yes together on the same piece of toast – give it a go. I still think that peanuts and peanut butter are two of the most unpleasant things in the world that you can put in your mouth, but this almond butter is quite the opposite. Buy some, you wont regret it.

  • Sweet Freedom

I am not someone who would normally use a product like this however Yolanda sought this out as she is much more disciplined than I and due to her weight training watches what she eats. Having tried a few different sugar substitutes I decided that they were all awful and that I would stick with the proper products. However when Yolanda brought some of this home I was impressed with how it tasted and also the variety of options available given they do a light and dark version and also chocolate. I now often use the light to drizzle over pancakes and have used the dark when baking especially when making flapjacks. Their chocolate options have been a revelation having added it to coffee, especially iced coffee, and also as a low guilt sweet treat on toast or a rice cake with some of the almond butter above. If you are on a health kick and want something sweet definitely seek this stuff out, you should be able to get it in your local supermarket.

4 thoughts on “My favourite things

  1. Ah, Mae Ploy! Definitely. I really like the yellow paste as well as the green. Yellow is great with chicken or seafood.


  2. Almond butter is a fave of mine. Always have loved it. Then again I love nuts so this is right up my ally. As for green curry, I will have to look for this. Or maybe something like it. Keep the list going! 🙂

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